Track Sales
Sales made on your website, through The Orchard, Amazon Advantage, CD Baby, or even Ad hoc sales can all be managed from IncogniTools. The sales reports each of these platforms provide can be imported into IncogniTools - providing you a single place to access all of your sales data.
Site owners can view global sales data, while artists have access to their sales data. The Search/Filter allows you to see your sales data organized the way you need it: by city, state, zip, country, item name, artist, or any combination of these.
If you process payment through PayPal, IncogniTools is 'smart' enough to itemize fees, even though PayPal does not, and to account for the different PayPal fee rates based on a customer's country of origin. It also accounts for conditions at the time of sale, which may change over time, such as prices and royalty amounts.
Track Inventory
Once the initial inventory amount is set for an item, it will automatically update when the item is purchased. When inventory reaches a low amount for an item, an email notice is automatically sent to the artist informing them to replenish.
Calculate Artist Royalties
Set artist's payment thresholds and payment methods (e.g. check, PayPal). When an artist's royalty amount reaches their payment threshold, enter a payment. This allows you to keep track of each artist's payment history, and artists to access their payment history.
You may also set different royalty amounts for each artist, and different royalty amounts for physical CDs, single downloads, full CD downloads, or streams.
Import/Export .xls and .csv
Distribution companies often accept submissions in .xls or .csv format. Incognitools can export your data to a file in either of these formats, making it easier for you to submit it to your distributor. Contact us for details.
Manage your website's product catalog
Manage your website's catalog of products without the need to know HTML or any other technical language. Add new recordings, edit liner notes, reviews, playlists, and upload audio and artwork. Updates made within IncogniTools are reflected on your public website.
Allow artists to manage their recordings
Site owners that manage sales of audio recordings on behalf of artists can provide them with a login id to allow the artist to manage their own recordings. This saves site owners the task of making updates for each artist or relaying the information to the web designer.
Create coupons and vouchers
You may like to provide access to certain recordings to radio stations for airplay. A convenient way to do this is to create a voucher code, valid for the recordings you specify. This code can be used at your website to download the recordings, bypassing the usual checkout process. Your voucher may specify entire recordings, or a selection of tracks from several recordings, and an expiration date.
Website Traffic Stats
IncogniTools can provide a snapshot from your Google Analytics traffic data, displaying just the essential information. A more detailed report is linked to as a PDF file, and updated each month.
Generate Licensing Royalty Reports
Automatically create quarterly royalty reports for licensing agencies. Rates and amounts due are calculated according to the formula provided by the given licensing agency.
Read / Write ID3 Tags
The abiltiy to read and write the ID3 tags of your audio files greatly streamlines the process of adding new recordings to your system, and making edits to existing files.
Auto Correct
Auto correct attempts to conform data such as track titles to the standard practices of services such as iTunes for capitalization and punctuation. If a title does not seem to match the standard, a corrected version will appear below it. You choose whether or not to "Accept" the correction.